There are thousands of iPhone apps for all "that" and too much more, but few that we think have the potential to be this cool. VW will contest the Dakar Rally from January 2-17 -- Race Touareg 2 drivers Giniel de Villiers and Dirk von Zitzewitz Mark Miller finished 1-2 last year -- and you can follow the VW team with its Rally Mobile app.

The information will start flowing before the race and continue throughout and afterward. Look for daily reports and video recaps, photographs, background information on the the Race Touareg 2, and detailed stage information. Also, It's free, which is always cool. All the pertinent info and the download link are in the press release after the jump.

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22 days until the 2010 Dakar Rally

11 December 2009
- From high-tech nomads for high-tech nomads: Volkswagen has launched a new iPhone application about the Dakar Rally in Apple's online store today. Under the name of 'Volkswagen Rally mobile – 2010 Dakar', the application is now available free of charge. Before and during the Dakar Rally, it will send news, results, videos and background information directly to the user's display.

iPhone users will be kept up to speed about the Dakar programme of the five factory-prepared and factory-fielded Race Touareg vehicles from Volkswagen, receiving exciting insights into the rally world of Volkswagen Motorsport. The Wolfsburg-based automobile manufacturer will contest the off-road classic that leads through Argentina and Chile – running twice across the Andes as well as through the gruelling Atacama desert and the legendary pampas – from 2 to 16 January 2010 as the title defender.

'Volkswagen has always stood for innovations in motorsport,' explains Volkswagen Motorsport Director, Kris Nissen. 'At the last Dakar Rally, we were the first automobile manufacturer to win the event with diesel power and the Scirocco Cup, launching next year will be the world's first one-make cup to use eco-conscious Bio-CNG (bio-compressed natural gas). The iPhone application for the Volkswagen's involvement in the Dakar is unique in the world of rally racing to date as well and offers users of the cult mobile the chance to stay informed about current Dakar events around the clock."

Information and interaction: 'Rally mobile' is always up to speed

In addition to news such as daily reports and quotes from the bivouac, the iPhone application includes multimedia contents and interactive features. 'Rally mobile' provides daily video summaries of the stages that last about three minutes, sound bytes from the Volkswagen factory pairings via sound files and fascinating photographs. A wealth of background information complements the selection: in addition to receiving an interactive overview of the Race Touareg 2 and its features, iPhone users will have access to detailed stage information and maps of the Dakar. In addition, they are provided with interesting facts about Carlos Sainz, Giniel de Villiers and company – thanks to extensive biographical information supplied about the drivers and co-drivers. 'Rally mobile' is always up to speed with the latest results, daily classifications and overall standings of the Dakar, as well as all other contents being made immediately available after the end of the stages.

A link to 'Volkswagen Rally mobile – 2010 Dakar' in Apple's App Store is available at

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