Nine days ago, we posted about Michael Richards getting Susan Docherty's old post at General Motors, brand manager for Buick-GMC. Today, he walked away. According to The Detroit News, the official (yet still unofficial) reason is that Richards' previous employer – Trinity Automotive in Austin, TX – made him a very strong counter offer. Though it seems to us that Trinity would have made the counter offer before Richards packed up and moved north, and we've also heard rumblings from Detroit insiders that there's more to this story than meets the eye.

Whatever the actual reason for Richards' abrupt departure, Buick-GMC is currently without a leader. Chevrolet is in a bit of a better position, even though just yesterday its vice president and 31-year company vet Brent Dewar suddenly retired. Dewar was appointed to his position in July by ex-CEO Fritz Henderson, who just resigned/was outsted from GM... nine days ago. Dewar was immediately replaced by Jim Campbell, Chevy's Fleet and Commercial Operations manager.

It seems mostly obvious to us, that both Richards and Dewar's sudden departures have to do with Henderson leaving. Because honestly, it sure as hell ain't the weather outside the Renaissance Center. As for Richards specifically, it must have been odd and unsettling to start a new career on the very same day that the guy that hired you exits stage left.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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