The gorgeous insanity of Group B - Click above to watch the video

You know, there's a reason people talk about Group B racing – and the drivers who participated in it – in practically hushed tones. After all, we're currently in an era where motorsports news is just as likely to be about ever-more-restrictive regulatory efforts or the deranged hooker fantasies of the F1 illuminati as it is about, you know, racing. But during Group B's brief, crazy tenure, it was the regulations that fostered the lunacy, giving us unforgettable, insanely-powered cars and legendary drivers.

Of course, immense power and infinitesimal margins for error meant that the dangers were high -- for the drivers, obviously, but also for the spectators, who were, in their own ways, as bonkers as the factory pilots they idolized and flocked to see, forming masses of humanity that routinely spilled onto the circuits as the hyper-powered rally cars flew by. Eventually, those dangers led to tragedy, which, in turn, led to the abrupt end of the Group B era. But it's not easily forgotten, and every so often, someone posts a reminder why.

Follow the jump for eleven minutes of heaven, edited together (miraculously) without a lick of crappy, distracting music. The only soundtrack you'll hear is the one coming from Group B cars engineered to explore the limits, piloted by drivers who routinely (and expertly) exceeded them. It is, in a word, beautiful. Thanks to Danijel for the tip.

[Source: YouTube via MyCarVid]

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