The season of hitting the roads to places you don't really want to go, so that you can give gifts you didn't really want to buy and eat food you don't really like has begun. Naturally, a lot more people on the road means a lot more folks getting lost. Fear not, you invincible iPhone-equipped holiday travelers: Appcast has ranked the created a list of navigation apps taking into account 31 different features and metrics.

With all the measuring they've done, they leave the decision of which one is best up to you. But with factors such as coverage area, traffic and speed camera notifications, demo routes, and even text-to-speech (including how the application handles voice instructions when the phone is playing music), you should have plenty of tools to make the best choice for your tastes.

There are seven apps tested, starting at $29.99. One of them could help make your holiday treks that much more manageable -- but they still won't eat fruitcake.

[Source: Appcast]

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