VIDEO: Disgruntled Volvo owner starts blog, crafts lament in her native Swedish tongue

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Freya Svensson feels like she's getting screwed. According to her blog postings, she owns a still new-looking Volvo XC70 that has had more than its fair share of problems: a faulty transmission and an internal coolant leak that could have been caused by a cracked cylinder head or head gasket. To make matters worse, Svensson says the transmission, cylinder head and motor mounts (twice) have been replaced by Rusnak Volvo in Pasadena, California. Svensson further claims that when the transmission was replaced, she told Rusnak that it still didn't feel right but the dealership allegedly wouldn't take a look at it again. Now that the supposed defective tranny is out of warranty, the dealership wants to repair it. None of this tale is funny, odd, or different from some of the dealer/warranty horror stories that we hear about all the time. So why are we bothering to report on this one? As you might have guessed from the viking helmet and acoustic guitar show above, Svensson has no issue in pulling out all the stops in order to get her message across. She's even got t-shirts. This amuses us.

For starters, Svensson started up her own website,, which details her problems with Volvo North America and Rusnak Volvo. She took to Facebook to friend Volvo North America President Doug Speck, offering to help him add to his paltry friend total of 24 in exchange for free repairs to her Scandinavian lemon. To add a little flair, Svensson then took to YouTube to provide a video play by play of what is going on with her cursed wagon. The blonde haired, blue eyed Svensson plays up the Swedish connection by even singing an original composition, "O Rusnak Volvo" in her native tongue. Hit the jump to watch the clip, and don't worry if you don't speak Swedish – Svensson has been thoughtful enough to provide English subtitles.

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