First 25 production i-MiEVs roll into the UK

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While the ship they came in on was probably dirty as all get out during its six-week journey from Japan, 25 all-electric Mitsubishi i-MiEVs have arrived in the UK and will take to the streets (in an uneventful government Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator test kind of way) on December 12th. Bringing the cars to the UK has been in discussion for a long time.

If sales in Japan, which started in July, are any indication, a lot more ships with a lot more electric jellybeans will need to make the journey to satisfy demand. Mitsubishi has sold 1,400 units in Japan and already has orders for 900 copies of the vehicles that it will make in 2010. Mitsubishi will make the car in Europe starting in October 2010 and Peugeot and Citroën will sell re-badged versions. More information after the jump.

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It's Here...
Excitement is building as the first 25 full production all-electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV's arrive at Bristol's Royal Portbury Docks. Final preparation has already begun before the cars hit the road on December 12th 2009 as part of a West Midlands based government trial.

The i-MiEV's left Japan by boat six weeks ago and their arrival has been eagerly awaited, especially by the end users and everyone following their progress via Mitsubishi Motors UK's i-MiEV Facebook fan page.

i-MiEV – Leading The Market
The multi award winning Mitsubishi i-MiEV is a fully electric city car and the first real-life EV with zero tailpipe emissions made available by a mainstream manufacturer. It's a genuine car, ensuring no compromise in cabin space, seating 4 adults and room for luggage. It has a top speed of 81 mph, a range of 100 miles and can be trickle charged from flat to full in 6 hours at any UK three-pin socket – and it only costs 96p for a full charge.

An Early Sales Triumph
The i-MiEV, on sale in Japan since July this year, has been a sell-out success. The 1,400 units allocated by Mitsubishi for the 2009 Japanese market have flown out the door and an impressive 900 orders have already been placed in Japan from the 2010 build allocation.

European production will begin in October 2010 with left hand drive i-MiEV's available in markets across Continental Europe towards the end of the year.

Real-World Trials
The cars are taking part in one of the Government's Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator projects, run by the Technology Strategy Board. Through an extensive selection process, members of the public have been selected by consortium partner, Coventry University, to trial the cars for 12 months allowing analysis of driving and charging behaviour.

The West Midlands CABLED (Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrators) consortium combines the expertise of Arup – design and engineering consultant and project leader, power provider E.ON, the city councils of Birmingham and Coventry, three academic institutions, and five other car manufacturers, and is supported by Advantage West Midlands.


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Notes to Editors

* The Technology Strategy Board is a business-led executive non departmental public body, established by the Government. Its mission is to promote and support research into, and development and exploitation of, technology and innovation for the benefit of UK business, in order to increase economic growth and improve quality of life. It is sponsored by the UK's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).
* For further information on the Technology Strategy Board and Ultra Low Carbon Demonstrator Programme visit
* The West Midlands consortium, called CABLED (Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrators) is made up of 13 organisations, led by Arup, a company with experience that crosses all areas that touch this project, from vehicle design to planning, to infrastructure and energy. Consortium partners include Coventry and Birmingham City Councils, the universities of Birmingham, Aston and Coventry, E.ON, and five other vehicle manufacturers. The consortium is funded by the Technology Strategy Board and Advantage West Midlands, and will develop and demonstrate 110 fully electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the two cities over 12 months.
* For further information on CABLED, please contact Vicky Maunder, Arup – or 020 7755 6649

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