VIDEO: Heffner Performance teases Twin Turbo Audi R8

Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Audi R8 - click above to watch the video

We're starting to see this type of thing more and more. And by "type of thing" we mean dyno teasers, not twin-turbo Audis. Nonetheless, you are staring at the unclothed rump of an Audi R8 with two massive turbochargers sitting on a four-wheel dynometer. And the results are, well, calling them boring to watch would be a polite understatement. However...

The car is by Heffner, and while we find the video a little lacking (you'll see), we must give it up for the soundtrack. Audibly, this is about as good as things get. And what do you get if you let Heffner replumb your R8's engine? How does 536 wheel horsepower on 93 octane sound? Sound like about 640 crank horsepower to us. Watch (or rather, listen to) the video, after the jump. Hat tip to Tony M!

[Source: Heffner Performance]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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