Nudity? Car wash? Sounds pretty hot, right? That's what we thought too, until we read the full story.

According to reports from Down Under, a group of four men (two aged 19 and two aged 23) and their girlfriends pulled up on Sunday at the Smart Wash car wash in Biloela, Queensland, Australia. They paid for the service, left their cars outside, took off their clothes and soaped up in the station while their special lady friends snapped photos.

Police were called to the scene halfway through the "happening" and charged the men with indecent exposure and public nuisance – two charges which we just assumed didn't apply to Australians, whether at home or abroad. The four dudes are scheduled to explain themselves before the magistrate next month, but when you consider all that could've gone wrong with all those brushes and pressure washers in proximity to certain dangly bits, we'd think that would've been the least of their worries.

[Source: KCRA Sacramento | Image: Heather Faulkner/AFP/Getty]

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