VIDEO: Toyota FT-86 sure doesn't sound like a boxer

Toyota FT-86 Concept exhaust note – Click to watch the video after the jump

Toyota garnered a lot of attention at this year's Tokyo Motor Show with the debut of the FT-86 concept. And they weren't about to let it slip past them, either. As part of the spectacle, they played the sounds of the prototype supposedly rounding the Nürburgring.

The FT-86 is being jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru, the former providing the platform and the latter the engine, among other components. The thing is, as our JDM-loving compatriots over at 7Tune point out, the engine noise piped in doesn't sound much like a boxer four.

Of course, that kind of deducing poses more questions than it answers: Is Toyota planning a different engine for its version of the so-called Toyobaru sports-coupe? Is Subaru's hesitation prompting Toyota to make its own plans? Did they not like how the engine sounded and opt to pipe in another soundtrack altogether? We can only speculate, but if you listen to the audio in the video clip after the jump and have your own idea, we're all ears.


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