Based on the presentation by Paolo Ferrero at the Chrysler business plan meeting in Auburn Hills today, it sure sounds like diesel is back in the picture at Chrysler. Prior to the Daimler-Chrysler divorce, there were lots of plans for diesel installations in U.S.-market Chryslers. That all fell by the wayside during the Cerberus era. Ferraro, the new SVP of powertrain engineering at Chrysler, repeatedly mentioned diesel as one of the paths to reduced fuel consumption, although he didn't give any specific dates on when they might be introduced in the U.S.

Ferraro did say that Chrysler would "Reinforce the Clean Diesel Image" and adapt Fiat engines to Chrysler vehicles. He also said they would apply aftertreatment technologies to meet 2015 European and U.S. emissions standards.

Ferraro went on to say that Chrysler would add automatic start-stop beginning in the 2011 model year and showed a diagram of a 2010 Jeep Wrangler diesel in Q4 2010. A Wrangler diesel is offered overseas but will switch to Fiat engines next year. Hopefully, Fiat will start bringing these diesels to the U.S., too.

[Source: Chrysler]

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