The Jeep Liberty is not a particularly large vehicle, but Chrysler engineers managed to pack a lot of mass into it nonetheless. The current Liberty weighs in at nearly 4,300 pounds! At the Chrysler business plan meeting today, product development SVP Scott Kunselman revealed that aerodynamics and weight reduction will be a big part of all future vehicles. Using modern computer design tools and lighter materials the company plans to pare large amounts of excess mass. As an example, Kunselman revealed that the next generation Liberty SUV will shed a whopping 600 pounds!

In addition Chrysler will help drivers reduce fuel consumption through connectivity technologies. New navigation systems will have more intelligence in the routing algorithms with the goal of minimizing the fuel consumption. For example, it could set up the route to minimize left turns even if it might mean going slightly further. UPS has been experimenting with similar technology in its routing and now it looks like consumers will be able to get it.

[Source: Chrysler]

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