James Norwood was hired on at Old Mill Toyota in Omaha, Nebraska in 2000, eventually working his way up to parts and service director. At the same time, Norwood reportedly sold over $548,000 in goods as a hard-working eBay business owner, praised by customers for being dedicated and a fast shipper. Norwood sounds a lot like a man living the American dream, except prosecutors in Omaha allege that the entrepreneur has been stealing parts from his day job to sell on eBay.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that Norwood has officially been charged with theft, a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Old Mill Toyota became suspicious of Norwood's actions when a co-worker allegedly witnessed him creating fictitious parts tickets using other employees' names and then later canceling them so the body shops weren't charged. Prosecutors also claim that Norwood would help his co-workers unload the parts truck, creating a separate pile of items that were intended for auction.

Authorities later seized Norwood's home and work computers and discovered the former parts and service director's blossoming eBay business. Among the stolen items Norwood's allegedly sold online were 798 bed extenders, 375 skid plates and 363 roof racks; parts that fetched $226,000. While authorities say Norwood's eNay operation netted $548,000 in sales since 2000, it appears he is only being charged with the theft of $282,500 in merchandise reportedly stolen from Old Mill Toyota after he became the dealership's parts and service director. Hat tip to Bob M

[Source: Omaha.com | Image: Old Mill Toyota]

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