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Although the Toyota FT-86, freshly unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, is billed strictly as a concept car, we're fully expecting the rear-wheel-drive coupe to foreshadow a new production car from Toyota. The question on everyone's lips, then, is what Toyota will call the final version when it hits the market.

Some reports are indicating that Toyota will revive the Celica nameplate, a name which still carries a certain following among Japanese sportscar fans even though it hasn't been used in four years. Other reports are suggest that when the production FT-86 reaches American shores, it will act as a replacement for the current Scion tC. Both the models, in their last iterations, were front-drive models, but that may not be a factor in determining the vehicle's name.

So which is true? Only time will tell, but both reports could ultimately prove accurate. Even if Toyota does decide to badge the FT-86 a Scion, the youth-oriented brand is only active in the North American market, meaning that the Japanese automaker will still need another name for use in its domestic market and others overseas. Which name would appeal to you more? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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