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When gas prices spiked and automakers began focusing more attention on fuel efficient cars and crossovers, we began wondering if the pickup truck's best days were behind it. The next big blow came when domestic automakers began postponing or canceling development of light-duty diesel engines for their half-ton trucks. Then, when things were at their bleakest, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor arrived. The SVT-badged baja bruiser is one serious piece of hardware, with unique Fox struts and 35-inch rubber.

With the overwhelmingly positive reaction that the Raptor has received, we've been wondering if General Motors, Chrysler or even Toyota would follow suit with their own sand monster. After seeing a Camaro video posted by Chevrolet on YouTube, we may have evidence that it's a strong possibility.

The purpose of the video is to showcase several new Camaro graphics packages that will appear at SEMA next month, but anyone can see the pair of pics in the upper right hand corner that show a bad ass green machine dressed up in a bow tie and sporting six-spoke wheels. The hopped-up Silverado is lifted to within an inch of its life with highly flared wheel wells to corral all that rubber, but it's hard to tell if the mods are more for show than actual dune diving. Hit the jump to check out the video, and clap twice out loud if you want Chevy to take on Ford's Raptor.


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