Bus nearly hits pedestrian in Russia - Click above to watch the video after the break

Driving is dangerous. We know that, yet the vast majority of us seem willing to take the risks inherent with strapping ourselves inside a two-ton projectile to share the road with other human-piloted objects of mass destruction. With all of these behemoth chunks of metal flying around at high rates of speed, it's not all that surprising that merely walking can also prove to be life threatening from time to time.

Such is the case with a video that's recently been making the rounds on the internet that shows a pedestrian crossing a street in Russia who just barely escapes certain death at the hands headlights of a runaway bus. Click past the break to see what we mean... whew, close call! Then again, trains can also be extremely dangerous, as can be testified by at least one young mother in Melbourne, Australia, who's occupied baby carriage fell onto the tracks just ahead of an oncoming train.

So too can riding a bicycle be unsafe, and London Mayor Boris Johnson found that to be an undeniable truth the hard way. Finally, as automotive enthusiasts, we love racing. But it sure can be unpredictable at times, whether it's because of another rogue driver or, um, a wayward kangaroo.

So, to sum it all up succinctly, living life can be hazardous to your health. Video evidence can be seen in the five near-miss videos pasted after the break. Amazingly, nobody was seriously hurt in any of these instances.

[Source: YouTube]

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