Survey Says: Fuel economy now more important than cup holders

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We Americans are a strange bunch... at least according to all of our European friends. Our love for all things that hold cups in cars is known 'round the wold as a uniquely American obsession, and it's one of the first things that we tend to check when it comes time for that new car test drive. But, it's not the most important thing. Not anymore.

According to accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the last time Americans were surveyed about the most important features in cars and trucks, the number of cup holders was found to be more important than fuel mileage. That was back in 2007, before the price of gas took its historic rise to record levels.

Now, with 2009 drawing to a close, PWC's latest survey has found that fuel economy is finally more important to new car buyers than cup holders. And there was much rejoicing.

Moving on, there seems to be a bit of debate about the future buying habits of automotive consumers. Will we continue to purchase pricey options that aren't really necessary – such as sunroofs and heated, powered seats – or will people choose cars based solely on their individual needs? We'll see... but the answer is probably a little of both.

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Source: Wards Auto via Green Car Reports]

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