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At least two of us at Autoblog HQ are totally smitten by the Porsche Panamera, despite Stuttgart's decision to jack up the roof and graft a 911-like rump onto an otherwise attractive sedan. Design foibles aside, it goes like stink, comes with copious quantities of interior space and, by most accounts, drives better than nearly any sports sedan on the market. A proper Porsche then?

That's debatable, but Porsche is making the case in its new "Family Tree" TV spot showing all of Ferdinand's offspring scattering across the desert in a beautiful ballet of high-speed, four-wheeled choreography. The first five seconds is far and away the best part, particularly the slow-motion shot of the 718 RSK Spyder leaving a trail of sand and gravel in its wake. Make the jump to check out the 30-second spot and feel free to debate Porsche's "four door sports car" line in the comments below. We know you will...

UPDATE: Added the full, 60-second spot after the jump.

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