Top Gear fans greet each new season with more eager glee. Top Gear critics have taken to welcoming each new run with more criticism. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the latest "How dare they!" comes from a Minister of Parliament (MP) and Friends of the Earth, who want to run TG up the flagpole for "extravagant costs" and 'wanton destruction" -- those two things coincidentally being two of the things that fans love most.

The show went to Belfast, Ireland to film a few segments that included lofting a car to the top of a gigantic crane, launching a Renault Twingo into the sea, as well as a bit of garden variety drag racing. The MP, Gregory Campbell, is aghast at the apparent cost of such stunts, and even more aghast at the fact that the BBC won't reveal exactly how much the stunts cost. The supposed tally is £200,000 ($315,150 U.S.) for Belfast segments that might make up 10 minutes of the show.

Joining Campbell in outrage is Declan Allison from Friends of the Earth, who said: "The wanton destruction of tens of thousands of pounds worth of machinery impresses no-one. It's a wasteful extravagance and, in the middle of a global recession, in very poor taste."

So there. The complaints will probably have as much effect on the show as previous complaints, which is to say, pffffft. We're far more interested in finding out what Clarkson meant when he said that show heads want "black Muslim lesbian" presenters.

[Source: Belfast Telegraph]

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