While visiting Fiat's gearbox plant in Verrone, Italy the other day, Chrysler board member Alfredo Altavilla let slip that the Italian giant and its newly-acquired Detroit automaker are working together to build an electric car. Chrysler hasn't been talking up its ENVI electric vehicle skunkworks of late and, although they have said they still plan on producing the Dodge Circuit, the silence has served to create speculation.

The statement, which wasn't so much of a bean-spilling as it was a bean-seepage (wow, does that sound unappetizing), was the first word from the company about its electrification plans since sometime last June. Things will be made more clear on November 4, when Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne will present an updated version of Chrysler's business plans. We imagine that any new electric vehicle this Italian-American venture spawns will be somewhat smaller and more realistic than some of those proposed last year. While we'd love to see a Fiat 500 EV come out of this, let us know in the comments what kind of EV you'd like to see from the pair.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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