The VW Touran TSI EcoFuel MPV is getting an additional compressed natural gas (CNG) tank that significantly improves the car's range. A new tank placed under the trunk increases the total CNG capacity from 18 to 24 kg. Since the Touran TSI Ecofuel uses 4.6 kg of CNG to run 100 km, the compact MPV can now be driven for 570 km (354 miles) before needing a refill. The car has an additional 11-liter gasoline reservoir, which is enough for additional 150 km (90 miles). Based on current German fuel prices, it costs €4.5 to drive the car 100 km using CNG, compared to €9 if it ran on gasoline or €7 on diesel. CO2 emissions for a vehicle this hefty remain low, at 126 g/km. The one inconvenience? Just the 5-seat Touran is available with the extra tank.

[Source: Auto News]

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