Ah, Hummer. We hardly knew ye. Well, we actually knew ye real well, but we just stopped liking you. Most of us, anyhow. Still, we have some pretty fond memories. Like when you and General Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf gave us great hope during the first Gulf War. And we loved when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the key to your brand, before he went all soft and started caring about the environment. Oh, remember when all those maniacs claimed you were better for planet earth than Toyota's Prius? Ha ha ha – that still cracks us up. And while we're old enough to remember your heroics when you almost single-handedly kicked Saddam's butt out of Kuwait, our younger friends totally dug riding in stretched versions of you to prom (we had to settle for a stinky old Caddy limo). And now General Motors is selling you – for cheap, too. Is that anyway to treat an icon? Check out our top 10 favorite memories of you.

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