REPORT: GM close to offloading Hummer for as little as $150 million

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Not so many years ago, Hummer appeared to be one of General Motors' most potentially lucrative brands. Now, the fallen brand looks poised to fall into the hands of the Chinese very soon. Bloomberg is reporting that a deal to sell Hummer could be finalized in the coming days as Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. hammers out a purchase price. During its bankruptcy proceedings, GM estimated the Hummer brand to be worth $500 million, but last week's collapse of the Saturn deal with Roger Penske appears to have made the Detroit automaker ready to accept whatever it can get. The final tab paid by Sichuan Tengzhong could be as low as $150 million.

The Chinese government has thus far been reluctant to approve Sichuan Tengzhong's move for Hummer, in part because of the brand's image as a gas guzzler. The hope is that once a purchase agreement is complete, the regulators will allow it to move forward. For its part, GM likely just wants the deal done and some extra cash in its coffers so it can move on with its streamlining efforts plans.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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