The Lexus LF-A supercar has been a long time coming and Toyota has finally confirmed (in an ambiguous press release) that the production version is headed to the Tokyo Motor Show next month. The LF-A (or LF-L) is a lock for production and rumors have the Japanese supercar going on sale in the UK as early as this month. Lending more credence to its imminent arrival: a new video of the LF-A leaving a gas station outside the Nurburgring.
Joining a pre-production camo-clad mule is a white LF-A cloaked in a minimal amount of detail obscuring taping, and as the near production version heads out slowly from the lot, the lucky driver quickly gets on the go pedal, with the rev-happy 550 hp V10 powerplant letting out a series of F1-style cries. It's definitely worth your time, especially if you've got the speakers to appreciate the sound of Toyota's first exotic powertrain. Make the jump to check out the video and Toyota's release.

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Highlights of the Lexus stand at the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show (October 24 to November 4) will be the announcement of a revolutionary supercar and the LF-Ch concept, a compact-premium hybrid vehicle.

Two-seat supercar (World Reveal)

This concept vehicle epitomises the purest form of driving exhilaration and performance. Details of the car will be announced at the Lexus press briefing in Tokyo on October 21.

LF-Ch (Japan debut – previously seen at Frankfurt Show)

This stylish premium concept vehicle combines dynamic performance with very low emissions.
  • Compact five-door package
  • Equipped with Lexus Hybrid Drive for superior environmental and driving performance
  • Dimensions: Length: 4,300mm, Width: 1,790mm, Height: 1,400mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,600mm
  • Tyre size: Front: 225/35R20, Rear: 225/35R20
Lexus defines itself as the 21st century benchmark for forward thinking automotive luxury and is pleased to be introducing exciting products that engage the senses yet are in balance with our planet's needs for sustainability.

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