Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Beware of the valet

Beware of the valet - Click above to watch the video after the break

So, you've got a nice car. Good for you, we love cars. If you can afford the hefty car payment that goes along with it, we'd also imagine you can likely afford the insurance... and, ya know, having a valet park your car is also one of life's little perks for those with the means. Of course, there's always some sense of fear when handing the keys over to someone you've never met before... but he's a professional, right?

Um, not always. Click past the break to watch all your worst valet fears come true right in front of your eyes. Remember, it's just an advertisement... no humans (and no Mercedes-Benz convertibles) were harmed in the making of this video. Oh, and perhaps now would be a good time to check on your own insurance policy... Visit for more funny commercials from around the world.


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