A driver in Bari, Italy was stopped for a routine inspection of his car. When police got to the trunk, they found it filled with mammals, reptiles, and birds. We have no idea how he got them all in there or, better yet, what kind of car he was driving, but authorities reportedly found the following hiding out in the boot: 216 parakeets, 300 white mice, 150 hamsters, 30 Japanese squirrels, six chameleons and over 1,000 terrapins.

The police say the man was going to sell the terrapins for €20 apiece ($29 U.S.), and although they didn't say it, we imagine he was going to sell the other animals as well. Instead, the animals have gone to local zoos while the police investigate and the man will get to sell cigarettes and phone privileges in the local hoosegow.

[Source: MyABC50 | Image: marfis75 via CC2.0]

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