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Police find lion cub in Lamborghini on Champ-Elysses

The lion owner was arrested by Paris police

The lion owner was arrested by Paris police.

What do Americans want in their cars? More cameras — and dogs

First Google Auto Trends report explores what drivers worldwide are looking for

Google compiles its first Automotive Trends Report, based on search data from three global markets. Americans' first loves are dogs and cameras.

Baby wildebeest thinks this passing car is its mother

Herding instincts kick in, and the little gnu calf takes a liking to this Hyundai.

It even tries to suckle the car.

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Tire Sculptures by Blake McFarland | Autoblog Minute

Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Blake McFarland was contacted by Goodyear to create two tire sculptures for the 81st Goodyear Cotton Bowl.

Tortoise gets wheels in place of injured legs, faster than ever

A tortoise in the UK is moving along a lot faster after having its front legs chewed off by a rat, thanks to its awesome set of front wheels.

PETA wants roadside memorial for chickens killed in truck crash [w/video]

Gainesville, Georgia bills itself as "The poultry capital of the world." January 27 of this year was a dark day, then, because a truck carrying live chickens from Pilgrim's Farm overturned on US 129 near the city resulting in the deaths of "dozens" of chickens (the drivers were all right). People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is

Owl Survives Two-Day Odyssey Caught In Florida Woman's SUV

Woman had thought bird was roadkill

A Florida woman was saddened when she hit a big bird that never moved out of her way while driving last Thursday night down the Florida Turnpike.

Trunk Zoo: Italian police reportedly find 1,700 animals stuffed in car's boot

A driver in Bari, Italy was stopped for a routine inspection of his car. When police got to the trunk, they found it filled with mammals, reptiles, and birds. We have no idea how he got them all in there or, better yet, what kind of car he was driving, but authorities reportedly found the following hiding out in the boot: 216 parakeets, 300 white mice, 150 hamsters, 30 Japanese squirrels, six chameleons and over 1,000 terrapins.

Nigerian goat held by police, accused of armed carjacking

There aren't enough police in some areas of Nigeria, so vigilante groups have formed to take up the slack. When vigilantes in Kwara State saw two men trying to carjack a Mazda 323, they went after the baddies. One of the men escaped, but the other man, cornered... um, how do we say this... turned himself into a goat. (That's the actual goat/suspect pictured.) Even as a goat, "he" was apparently just as easy to catch, and the vigilantes took the goat to the police station.

What's old is new: U.S. farmer swaps tractor for mules

Above: A mule team working the field in 1910. And maybe 2010?

VIDEO: the toys went marching one by one... into a SEAT

This ad has a strangely disturbing dimension to it. At least it does for any child who ever thought his teddy bears and toys came to life at night.