New racing game announced for... Sega Dreamcast?!?!?!

Rush Rush Rally Racing for Dreamcast -- Click above to watch video after the jump

Hypothetically, let's say you're bored with all the realistic gameplay and endless tuning options of current racing games. What you really want is a rallying game that looks like it was released alongside Pole Position, or Frogger, with cars that look something like colored insects, and -- best of all -- that you can only play from an overhead view. In that case, friends, Rush Rush Rally Racing for the 10-year-old Sega Dreamcast is for you.

The developers themselves tout the facts that RRRR has no sponsored cars nor realistic backgrounds. What is does have is features like single-player grand prix mode with four difficulty levels, three multiplayer modes to enjoy with up to four players, five race cars to choose from, 10 Grand Prix race tracks and 9 additional multiplayer race track. Oh, and an "awesome soundtrack by Black Device." So there. It's also just $22, available at Amazon and eBay next month. Follow the jump to watch the game trailer.

[Source: Red Spot Games]

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