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The Ford Focus is an automotive study in duality. Europeans get a really good, second generation version of Ford's C-segment wunderkind, while motorists here in the U.S. make do with an updated family based on the first-generation model. Actually, we call the second-gen Focus the "Euro" model, but the fact is that most of the free world receives the newer, superior model, while America waits patiently for the 2011 model to come hither. Our Mexican neighbors to the south have nothing to wait for, for in the land of Pancho Villa, the upgraded Focus is the Focus of record.

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is the latest commercial for the Focus, and it's a good one. For starters, Ford's marketing team chose some sweet tunes for the commercial's sound track. Here's a hint on the song: you'll want to wax vintage automobiles and paint acres of fencing as soon as you hear it.

The commercial appears to be some sort of Skip-Barber-meets-Tim-Burton driving school, with a Bourne Supremacy-style pursuit and an ass-kicking parallel parking job. At the end of the video, members of the Mexico viewing audience gets a quick glimpse of a lime green 2010 Focus RS in all its 300 horsepower glory. Hit the jump to view the video – and if you can't remember where you've heard that soundtrack before, watch the second video as well. Thanks for the tip, Miguel!

[Source: Ford via YouTube]

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