Saab 9-X Air concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Ever since Koenigsegg emerged as the chosen buyer for fellow Swedish automaker Saab, rumors of a number of eco-friendly automobiles from the two automakers have been making the rounds. In addition to a production version of Koenigsegg's electric Quant concept from this year's Geneva Motor Show, we've also heard that Saab is hard at work developing a hybrid version of its latest 9-5 sedan.

In an interview with Auto Motor & Sport, Christian Von Koenigsegg has revealed that both the automaker that bears his name and the recently-purchased Saab are both working on pneumatic valve technology from Cargines that could potentially offer a fuel savings of 20 to 30 percent. Further, Koenigsegg believes combining that system with a hydraulic hybrid powertrain could potentially result in a 90-percent reduction in total energy consumption and allow the automaker to build a performance-minded hybrid automobile.

[Source: Auto Motor & Sport]

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