REPORT: Honda hybrid Freed Minivan coming in two years, pure electric vehicle by 2015

Honda Freed minivan - click above for high-res image gallery

When Takanobu Ito became the new president of Honda Motor Company in February, we asked if he was the same as the old boss, Takeo Fukui. In at least one aspect, the two men are quite different. Fukui often downplayed the potential of electric cars, but Ito recently confirmed that the automaker will bring a full EV to market by 2015. Rumors suggest we'll see some sort of Honda EV prototype at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, but six years is a long time to see that hit the streets.

Speaking to the Nikkei (subs req'd), Ito also said that a hybrid version of the Freed minivan will join the CR-Z and Fit hybrids in the coming years. The reason for the push to get pure electric vehicles on the market is being driven by California's Zero Emission Vehicle regulations, so maybe plug-in fans will be able to say at least a little something nice about CARB for a change.

[Source: Nikkei (subs req'd) via Green Car Congress]

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