Ron Bloom's role in the bankruptcy and re-emergence of Chrysler and General Motors has proven that his experience driving negotiations with the United Steelworkers union is portable. Pushing the two automotive giants through restructuring in an impressively quick manner has given the Obama administration the impression that Mr. Bloom (far left) is a good choice to head up a manufacturing overlord position which will focus on building that sector of America's economy back up. An appointment announcement is scheduled today at an AFL-CIO picnic in Cincinatti, Ohio, where both President Obama and Bloom will appear.

Bloom's credentials in manufacturing go back further than just his recent automaker involvement. As special assistant to the president of the United Steelworkers union for ten years, Bloom looked out for union jobs during a deal between Wheeling-Pittsburgh Corporation and Esmark, compromising where necessary, and stringing profanity together when needed to meet his objective.

Bloom is going to need as many fancy swear words as he can muster to stanch the bleeding in manufacturing. Many believe the United States will never have as robust a manufacturing sector as it once did. Even with our shrinkage in manufacturing, Bloom indicates that the United States shouldn't forget how to make things just yet, and that the Obama Administration wants an "innovative, vibrant manufacturing sector." In that vein, monies from the stimulus package are going into environmentally-focused programs such as electric vehicles, as well as helping automakers to retool by giving low coast loans.

[Source: Detroit News | Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty]

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