Now that the Cash-for-Clunkers bonanza is over, Chrysler will likely struggle to hold on to their market share, and in the company's post-bankruptcy landscape, the Pentastar is looking at every angle possible to improve their sales figures. New Chrysler ad chief Michael Accavitti and staff are said to be looking for more creativity in their fourth quarter marketing push, and its chief advertising agency could be left twisting in the wind.
Automotive News
is reporting that Chrysler is opening up competition for its Q4 ad push, with several agencies being offered the opportunity to pitch a new campaign. The move could be coming in part because of feedback from global partner Fiat, which is banking on a turnaround of its five star pet project.

BBDO has been Chrysler's main ad company since 2000, when the contract was valued at $2.4 billion. BBDO had a staff of 2,000 back then, compared with the 500 workers it has now. Chrysler's longtime ad agency, whose contract with the Pentastar ends in January, will reportedly still get a chance to pitch a campaign idea.

[Source: Automotive News –subs req'd | Image: Sean Gallup/Getty]

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