According to a new report in Auto Express, there are a lot of changes planned for the next Lamborghini Murcielago. Among them all, the one that claimed most of our attention was that the next boss bull will "be wider and longer." The length isn't such a big deal, but the current LP640 already approaches the opposite of narrow, and it's already superbly planted. If that part is true, we don't know what the extra width would do except to make the car... well, wider.
Design-wise, if the publication's rendering is to be believed, the Murci will get a lot of Gallardo and Reventón up front. A trim strip of LEDs (458 Italia, anyone?) would replace the current multi-lamp unit, in front and back. The front intakes look to be lifted straight from its littler sibling, and the rear screams "Estoque!" – in a good way.

AE suggests that the construction will be Audi spaceframe-esque, with a complete carbon fiber body (shedding the current steel roof and doors). With less weight and an expected jump to 700 horsepower, that ought to be enough to get the Murci to 60 mph in three ticks of the second-hand. AE posits that the car will retain its four-wheel-drive and will adopt stop-start and energy regeneration, the first in the family to do so. Expect to see it – and hear it roaring to life at valet stands everywhere– in 2012.

[Source: Auto Express]

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