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When Ferrari unveiled the Enzo supercar in 2002, it was the fastest, most expensive roadgoing vehicle ever to roll out of the gates in Maranello. But the exotic automaker – and its sister company Maserati – soon found that its wealthiest customers were willing and eager to pay even bigger money for the chance to get behind the wheel of even more extreme versions on the race track. So to meet that demand, the Enzo gave birth to two track-bound seven-figure beasts: the Ferrari FXX and the Maserati MC12 Corsa. Only twelve of the latter were made available for the Trident marque's most loyal customers. We reported on one example – the only one that managed to get onto the street – going up for sale a little over a year ago, and now another has popped up on eBay, this time right outta Miami.

The MC12 Corsa is an extended derivative of Maserati's racing program. Rather than field a competition-spec version of the Enzo itself, Ferrari lent the platform to Maserati – which was then under its wing following acquisition by Fiat – to create the MC12 GT1 racer. Homologation requirements in the FIA GT championship required Maserati to build a small run of street-legal versions, of which 50 were built and sold to select customers.

But some wanted more. So Modena cranked out the Corsa, a sort of mid-way point between the street-legal and full-on racing version, packing an upgraded 744 horsepower V12 engine in a competition-spec body, with everything kept in check by carbon metallic brakes sans ABS. It's got a full racing cockpit, complete with five-point harnesses, wheel-mounted digital display and everything else the make-believe racer could desire. Having originally sold from the factory for € 1 million (US$1.47 million), bidding for chassis #3 starts at $879,000. Check out the listing after the link and the images in the gallery below.

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