Some of the largest pieces of the puzzle that need to be expanded before electric cars are seriously ready to take the place of gas-powered cars and trucks in the majority of driveways around the world have to do with batteries. The latest technology that offers a glimmer of hope for the future of zero-emission motoring is the lithium ion battery, but it's not without its problems.

In fact, the Air Line Pilots Association has gone so far as to call for a ban on the shipment of all lithium ion batteries in both passenger and cargo planes. That doesn't mean the airplanes themselves cannot use the batteries, it means the units themselves may not even be allowed on board. The problem stems from a series of incidents where lithium ion batteries either caught fire, bellowed smoke, showered sparks or burned passengers.

Green Car Advisor notes that the FAA has recorded six fires on board passenger and cargo jets linked to lithium-based batteries since March of last year. While that's a very small number considering how many flights have taken place in that time frame, it may be significant enough to pose a safety threat. It seems distinctly possible that legislation will be drafted in the near future regulating the use or shipment of lithium ion batteries on airplanes.

[Source: Green Car Advisor | Photo: lrargerich CC 2.0]

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