As the global economy shows signs of both recovering and getting worse, luxury and exotic automakers are hedging their bets more and more. Introducing cars like the Aston Martin One-77, Bugatti Sang Bleu and Bentley Muslanne made perfect sense -- in 1999. In today's unstable financial climate, you just can't be too careful. While most enthusiasts are salivating over the release of the new Ferrari 458 Italia with its auto-deforming front air intakes and 200+ mph top speed, the more rational among us are getting excited about the new low cost offerings from Europe like the Alfa Romeo MiTo, Fiat 500 and the just spotted baby Ferrari Spider (that's prancing horse speak for "roadster") pictured above.

Set to be named the El Duce, Maranello's newest rag top will compete with the likes of Porsche Boxster, BMW Z4 and Chevrol... hey wait a second -- that's not a Ferrari!! That's some Starbucks swillin' hoser's tarted up Mazda Miata!

Be honest... did he almost have you fooled into thinking this is an actual Ferrari? Us too! It's the attention to detail. Like the Prancing Horse emblem, the Ferrari badge and the Ferrari license plate frame. They don't just hand those out at half-priced day at Pick'n'Pull. Most convincing is the sign that states, "Ferrari Parking Only: All Others Will Be Towed." Because if it were actually, say, a Mazda Miata, it would have been towed already, right? Normally, only F355 owners go through the trouble of driving around with that particular sign in their trunk. And check out those Pininfarina designed mud flaps. Ferraritastic, no? How best to sum this one up? Ah, got it: Ten pounds of suck in a five pound bag. And you thought the BMW R8 is bad. Oh wait, it is! Thanks to Ryan in Seattle for snapping this photo and sending it in.

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