Hybrid Kinetic Automotive Corp. rendering - click above to enlarge

Remember the lawsuit over the planned Mississippi factory that is supposed to build a "full family" of "affordable green cars" for Hybrid Kinetic Automotive Corp. starting in 2011 and ramping up to full production by 2015? The lawsuit was between Xiaolin "Charles" Wang and Rong "Benjamin" Yeung, the chairman and the founder of the venture, respectively, over who was working for whom. According to a local news report, the Chinese businessmen have settled their differences. The good news? Four prototype vehicles will be unveiled in August and a groundbreaking for the plant is scheduled for later in the fall. The bad – or at least confusing – news? Both men say they have their own plan to move the project forward. To add to the confusion, Wang's company is called Hybrid Kinetic Automotive Corp. while Yeung's is called Hybrid Kinetic Automotive Holdings. The Hybrid Kinetic Automotive website will be shut down in August. Yeah, this is going to go smoothly.

[Source: Sun Herald]

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