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2 more Hybrid Kinetic-Pininfarina concepts due in Beijing

The first is a range-extended electric sedan called the H500

The partnership between Italy's Pininfarina design house and Hong Kong-based electric vehicle supplier Hybrid Kinetic Group will bring two new concept vehicles to the Auto China Show in Beijing April 25, including an electric sedan teased in a pair of photos.

Pininfarina's latest concept is a gull-winged sports car

It's probably a concept for Hybrid Kinetic

Pininfarina also designed a sedan for Hybrid Kinetic.

Hybrid Kinetic H600 electric luxury sedan promised by 2020

With a little help from Pininfarina.

Hybrid Kinetic says its 800-horsepower range-extended hybrid EV will target the Tesla Model S and, apparently, Mercedes-Benz.

Hybrid Kinetic Group to produce low-cost "green" auto parts in China

Hybrid Kinetic Group, a Chinese company controlled by tycoon Yang Rong, envisions producing low-cost "green" auto parts, a move that could allow local automakers to sell advanced technology vehicles with price tags that are not much higher than a conventional car.