Not only has a name been decided on – the Nemesis – but Ecotricity founder Dale Vince's pet electric car project is now sitting in Vince's driveway. Well, it is when he's not out driving it.
Vince posted an update on the Wind Car blog saying that the Nemesis' arrival is "a bit of a watershed" and he's quite excited to spend most of August giving the newly-road legal car a "general shakedown."

Thus far, Vince has found that the charging system – currently a very manual system – needs to be refined, he implies he's a bit uncertain about taking the car out in the rain and he's discovered that the pedals are a bit too close together. That last fact was discovered when he stepped on the wrong pedal and drove into a hedge. Other than that, the Nemesis EV is developing nicely, and a new video featuring the car should be available soon. Until then, check out Vince's latest video – of the Nemesis on the track – here.

[Source: Zero Carbonista]

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