Ecotricity Wind Car in action - Click above to watch the video after the break

The saga that has been the building of a "wind car" for Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince, appears to have come to a climax. All of the newly invented bits of this stretched and re-engineered former Lotus Exige have been put into place and the car brought out to a bit of tarmac for an initial trial. After a little sorting out of its computer and a slow speed run, Mr. Vince rode shotgun while former Lotus Formula 1 pilot, John Miles, demonstrated for his passenger the vehicle's ability to give a roller coaster-like rush as they easily hit 100 mph while making a few passes on the old airfield runway.

Finally it was Dale's turn to take the wheel and, with the camera glued to the grin growing on the face of the eco-entrepreneur, the electric sports car had its pedal put down once again with clearly exhilarating results. His first impression of his sweet new ride? He loves the look, the sound and the performance. He believes its the fastest car he's ever been in and says the sensation of being pushed back into the seat is like "...some mad fairground ride." The positive experience seems to have pushed him closer to deciding on naming his beast Nemesis. While we're not sure about the long term plans for the vehicle, after it gets a new set of brakes and tweaks here and there, the team has plans to bring it to a proper track and conduct a bit more testing before letting it go to its new home in Mr. Vince's garage. Who knows, perhaps it will appear in next year's car-friendly TTXGP. Hit the jump to see Nemesis in action for yourself!

[Source: Zero Carbonista / YouTube]

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