Ferrari 458 Italia - Click above to watch the videos after the break

For all those Ferrari devotees that immediately closed their eyes and began making revving engine and shifting gear sounds after drooling on the keyboards in their cubicles over the new 458 Italia earlier this morning, we have good news. While not exactly a new series of photos, the crew from Maranello has let loose two new videos of its mid-engined hypercar. The first vid gives us an early glimpse of the suitably high-tech view from the driver's seat, but both new clips may offer something even better: the glorious sound of Ferrari's latest mid-mounted 4.5-liter V8 engine running up and down the ratios of its seven-speed dual clutch gearbox.

While we'll always have intense affection for the sound of a good 'ol over-cammed and under-muffled American V8 engine rumbling away at idle, there's something uniquely intoxicating about the screeching wail made by 562 Prancing Italian Horses galloping along at a full 9,000 rpm. Thanks for sharing, Ferrari. Click past the break to watch the videos... and be sure to turn up those speakers.

[Source: Ferrari]


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