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General Motors continues to enlarge its direct dialogue with the public with a new feature called "Tell Fritz." This is where you, Jon and Jane Q. Public, can send a question to The General's CEO and might possibly get it answered.

We applaud GM's commitment to dialogue, which isn't new. However, the first Q&A video didn't give us much to root for when it came to the dialogue itself. Asked why it took 20 years of declining market share and bankruptcy to revamp the way GM does business, Henderson talks about how competitive and difficult things have been for everyone and then jumps to the plan moving forward because "it's important not to dwell on" the past.

In doing so, he completely avoids answering the question, which makes us wonder why that question was chosen. The site is taking questions now, so feel free to submit your query or concern and Henderson has said he'll respond to what he can. In the future, though, we hope that whichever questions Henderson chooses to answer, he answers them completely. Follow the jump to watch the first video in the series.

[Source: General Motors]

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