Mercedes SLS AMG gullwing order guide revealed; includes optional $10,000 paint!

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG dealer order guide – Click above to view

While we patiently await our turn to drive Mercedes-Benz's upcoming SLS AMG gullwing wundercar, we have a new way to occupy our time: the dealership ordering guide. Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we have the full document for your perusal, which includes all relevant details and estimated option prices for spec'ing out an SLS of your very own.

The guide doesn't provide us with many new images of the 563-horsepower production coupe, but we do see the options list and associated pricing, including lots of interesting tidbits like the model's available colors (including special $10,000 "ALU-BEAM liquid metal" paint); performance options including $12,000 carbon-ceramic brakes and a modestly priced $1,500 sport suspension kit; along with interior niceties on the order of various seat leathers, an $11k extended carbon fiber kit, a $6,400 Bang & Olufsen stereo upgrade, and so on.

What are you waiting for? Click on the gallery below to see how much money you'll need to liberate from the couch cushions before you can order the SLS of your dreams.

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