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What's the closest thing you can get to driving a fighter jet on the streets? We've all heard the analogy before and it's usually little more than marketing hyperbole, but a case could probably be made in favor of this reverse-trike from Polish vehicle manufacturer Marotti. Though we're not exactly smitten by its slab-sided appearance, the machine certainly looks the part of an unidentified flying object – complete with an unusual spat of rudders and tail fins. Plus, Marotti's use of a 750cc V-four motorcycle engine from Honda that puts out 100 horsepower is sure to make the machine accelerate like it's been flung off the side of an aircraft carrier due in large part to the trike's low weight of just 970-pounds (440 kg).

Marotti claims its trike is "as dynamic as a motorcycle and, at the same time, as safe and easy to drive as a car." We can't vouch for that assessment, but after watching the videos pasted after the break, we wouldn't turn down the chance to find out for ourselves.

[Source: Marotti]


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