We can't remember our third birthday, but we're pretty sure it wasn't as exciting as the big day of a young man from British Columbia, Canada. Demetrius Jones was celebrating The Big 3 with a ride in his battery powered toy pickup truck when he went missing from his family's campground.

After a two hour search, the boy was found floating on top of his toy truck in the Peace River an amazing eight miles away. When rescue volunteers found the boy, he was on his hands and knees on top of the overturned truck in over nine feet of water. The boy, wearing only a t-shirt and diaper, was dry above the knees and other than some minor sun exposure, he was perfectly healthy.

The National Post reported that police were called to the scene and the boy was brought back to his parents in a police car. One observer told the Post that the boy appeared to be more excited about being able to ride in a police car than he was about being rescued. After he returned to the campsite with his amphibious truck (who knew they floated?), he got back behind the wheel that night. Sounds like a future Autoblogger if you ask us.

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