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One of the most desired electric vehicles available (somewhat) today is the MINI E. Short test drives can't duplicate what it's like to live with such a car, but there are a multiple blogs being written about the daily MINI E experience. Lyle Dennis from All Cars Electric has just written about his first 1,000 miles with the MINI E. We aren't giving away any secrets by saying that he loved them. Dennis has driven the car on highways, in the city and on suburban roads, under pouring rain and in intense heat. So far, so good, he writes. The only problem is that the car requires a 240V charging cord, which Dennis doesn't have available. Thus, he's found that the car charges only 3.5 percent per hour using 110V and, although the car is supposed to have a 100-mile range at full charge, he's only gotten around 70 highway miles - with A/C - from a full charge. Where does Dennis charge his EV? Wherever he finds an available electric outlet. Read his thoughts here.

[Source: All Cars Electric]

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