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The all-electric MINI Es are starting to be delivered, and AutoblogGreen reader David VM. will do something a little extra with his new ride: power it completely by solar power. David has started up a new blog called MINI E 19 (his car is #19) and the first entry talks about the initial week with the battery-laden MINI E. Oh, and he describes what the G.A.S. and B.R.A.K.E pedals are for. They're different than look-alike pedals in a MINI Cooper ClubmanS, for example, which David also owns.

David powers his whole house using rooftop power, so adding the car to the solar mix wasn't exactly difficult. While the leases for the MINI E aren't cheap ($850 a month, plus tax), David says the EV replaces another car, so it only costs him about $100 more a month to cruise in true zero-emission style. You can see the solar-powered MINI E in David's gallery below, along with his first electric vehicle: a GEM.

[Source: MINI E 19]

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