Customized Mercedes-Benz G/E Class – Click above for gallery

What is it lately that people don't seem to understand about hardcore off-roaders? They're not supposed to be aerodynamic, and they're not supposed to be pretty. And yet here we are yet again – after the modified Hummer recently spotted on eBay – looking at one of the world's most serious rock-climbing workhorses that's been smoothed out in controversial fashion, and in metallic Barney purple, no less.

What we have on one hand is the Mercedes Geländewagen, the same essential truck that Magna Steyr has been building for the Three-Pointed Star for some thirty years now. It's got the aerodynamic profile of a barn. Attached to a parachute. On the other, we have the E-Class, one of the most aerodynamically slippery cars on the market. Part of the same company's line-up, but just about as different as can be. And yet, thanks to what looks to be a not inconsequential amount of elbow grease, the two have come together to breed this remarkable concoction, which, we gather, was recently put up for sale on eBay. While we can't locate the auction itself, one has to figure that the owner is going to have a hard time selling a vehicle that's been so extensively "personalized."

[Source: Autogespot]

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