eBay Find of the Day: Hummer H1 gets beaten with aerodynamic ugly stick

Custom Hummer H1 on eBay Motors – Click above for image gallery

It takes a special talent to infantilize the brute strength of a Hummer H1, but someone's gone and done it with an oddly swoopy redesign. One of only two made (yes, there is another), this unique Hummer features a custom hood and front bumper, as well as a multi-section removable roof should the driver and occupants actually wish to be seen tooling around the neighborhood in this beast.

Inside, it's been all tricked out with a trifecta of television screens, ostrich leather interior, iPod-compatible entertainment system, sat-nav, back-up cameras...the works. Even the turbodiesel V8 has been tweaked and mounted with a polished aluminum snorkel, complimented by a chrome Mack truck bulldog hood ornament. Oh, and it has a $2,000 train horn, just in case someone can't see this behemoth coming from a mile away. All this can be yours for the low price of $89,900 or best offer.

[Source: eBay Motors via Carscoop]

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