Citroen C3 leaks out, DS4 and DS5 details surface

The crew from World Car Fans apparently have a mole within the Citroen dealer network who supplied them with a handful of images of the 2010 Citroen C3 before its official reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.
The leaked images show a significant redesign, including a thoroughly revised front fascia with more aggressive headlamps, sunken foglights and a larger air intake. The windshield has been extended further into the roof, creating a pseudo sunroof and eschewing any rumors about a panoramic glass top. New chrome trim surrounds the grille and across the hatch, while the revised rear end features new tail lamps and a more bulbous back side. If you're seeing a few shades of the recently revealed Citroen DS3 concept, you aren't mistaken, as this new C3 takes several cues from the compact concept that debuted in Geneva.

Speaking of the DS3, Autocar is reporting that development of the upcoming DS4 and DS5 is churning along, and both models will supposedly be high-riding crossovers influenced by the C-Sportlounge concept and Hypnos concept, along with a roofline eerily reminiscent of the BMW X6. The allure of coupe-like CUVs obviously isn't lost on the French, and we can expect one of the new crossover concepts to be revealed alongside the production CS3 in Frankfurt.

[Sources: WCF, Autocar]

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